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Welcome, Douglas County Partners!

SupportEd is a community-based truancy diversion program for K-8 students in Douglas County, KS. We aim to keep students and families out of court for truancy by using data-backed, behavioral solutions focused on rehabilitation. 

Truancy Criteria

Schools are legally responsible for securing supportive services when students meet truancy criteria. In Kansas, truancy is defined as follows:

At least ONE unexcused absence on:

  • three consecutive school days,

  • five school days in a semester, OR

  • seven school days in a school year.

An ABSENCE is defined as missing:

  • 1 + hours for elementary school, OR

  • 1+ class periods for middle and high school ​

SupportEd Documents

Below, please find our program flyer and student referral form.

Provide families with our program flyer and encourage them to enroll in SupportEd.

Complete and email our Student Referral Form to:

Thank you for taking the necessary steps to secure supportive services for our students.

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