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Building a world filled with supportive communities.

Welcome to CSC

Center for Supportive Communities is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization in Lawrence, Kansas

dedicated to using behavior science to create equal opportunities and meaningful change for children, families, and communities.

Happy Kids

Founded by behavior analysts, Dr. Kelsey Dachman and Madison Graham, CSC is a women-owned organization advancing data-driven and pragmatic behavior services to establish supportive environments for the robust development and growth of our youth.


We create customized solutions to help transform communities in Kansas and across the United States. We specialize in the prevention and treatment of challenging behavior with a unique focus on juvenile justice. We help families, schools, care systems, legal systems, and service providers infuse evidence-based interventions and programs to promote healthy development, create sustainable behavior change, and prepare our youth to exceed their potential.


CSC's data-driven prevention and intervention strategies help strengthen the systems surrounding our young people and create supportive environments where all children have the opportunity to thrive. 


We implement a rehabilitative, community-based truancy diversion program (SupportEd) to keep kids in school and out of court. We unite key community partners in reducing school absence, diverting families from legal involvement, and preventing more severe and complex problems. We also offer behavior consultation services, assessment and treatment planning, and professional coaching and development.

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Rehabilitative Approach to School Absence

Consulting, behavioral consulting, educational consulting


Helping You Help Others

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